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What We Are

What are we? Each of us is a mind-body combination whose constituent parts arise and perish from moment to moment, depending on conditions. There is no abiding entity found in this process of becoming.

The mind and the body are reciprocal. With death, the body disintegrates into the four primary elements but the flow of consciousness goes on finding a material base in another existence in accordance with karma.

We are owners of our karma, heirs to our karma, karma is the womb from which we are born, karma is our friend, our refuge. The present mind-body combination will last as long as the reproductive karma supports it, but this could be cut off at any time by a strong opposing karma.

In spite of the transient happiness we enjoy, there is no means by which we can avoid decay, ill-health, association with the unpleasant, dissociation from the pleasant, and not getting what we desire.



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