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Then Sariputta the wanderer went to where Moggallana the wanderer was staying. Moggallana the wanderer saw him coming from afar and, on seeing him, said, “Your faculties are bright, my friend; your complexion pure and clear. Could it be that you have attained the Deathless?”

“Yes, my friend, I have attained the Deathless. ”

“But how, friend, did you attain the Deathless?”

“Just now, friend, I saw Ven. Assaji going for alms in Rajagaha: gracious in the way he approached and departed, looked forward and behind, drew in and stretched out his arm; his eyes downcast, his every movement consummate. On seeing him, the thought occurred to me: ‘Surely, of those in this world who are arahants or have entered the path to arahantship, this is one. What if I were to approach him and question him: “On whose account have you gone forth? Who is your teacher? In whose Dhamma do you delight?”



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